Counselling Services

Fiona Bradford MSW RSW

1006 7th Avenue, P.O. Box 414
Invermere, British Columbia

About Counselling

There are many reasons to seek counselling support. The following is a list of common concerns:

  • Anxiety and daily worrying
  • Depression and low mood
  • The effects of a chronic health condition
  • Life changing events
  • Grief and trauma
  • Divorce and separation
  • The responsibilities of elder care
  • Parenting challenges
  • Infertility
  • Work related stress
  • Relationship and interpersonal difficulties
  • Low self-esteem

My responsibility as a counsellor is to listen without judgement, and through safe and supportive conversations, to facilitate the lessening of stress and the development of positive life-coping skills. I use evidence based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Psychotherapy to address depression and anxiety. I also integrate aspects of Existential, Strengths-Based, Narrative, Solution-Focused and Systems theories into my counselling practice. I believe that every person is different, and holds their own set of strengths, resources and challenges.

The practice of social work is based on the principles of holistic care, identification of interacting social issues and client empowerment. Human beings do
leaf-100 not live in isolation, and often it is the interaction between people, social systems and environmental stressors that cause people to feel overwhelmed in life. There are three main components of my social work counselling practice:

  • Assist with easing the┬ádistress of the presenting issue
  • Increase personal functioning and the ability to cope with stress
  • Enhance personal growth to grow confidence and enjoyment in life